Infinity Within
Brian Nori

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Brian Nori
Infinity Within

Venue: Badlands Tattoo Studio
178 Elgin St, Sudbury, ON P3E 3N5, Canada

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My intention for this piece is to inspire thoughts on the subject of infinity; exploring how infinite space can be found within a finite barrier. I hope to provide a window into the soul, to help share a perspective as to how connected we all truly are.

As a child, I became fascinated with the sheer magic that two facing mirrors could offer perception into infinite space. Trying to comprehend infinity captivated me.  Digging deeper, as I came into adulthood, I started to realize that at the ground level of physics, everything that exists can be broken down into a sea of pure infinite oscillating energy vibrating at a specific frequency/vibration. E=Mc2 Everything that we can touch, smell, hear & feel is what it is based on its corresponding magnetic wavelength.  Thus we may seem separate from one another but we are all completely interconnected infinite beings of magnetic energy; we’re literally a drop in a sea of pure light.

The clouds that you see are reflections of cotton balls housed beside an inner convex infinity mirror. For this reason, reflections move toward the center offering the perception of infinite depth through the clouds.

The Inner lighting system is:

  • smart home compatible to Alexa & Google assistant
  • Music Light Reactive
  • Control multiple & programmable color interchangeable settings from a phone app.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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